Important exchange between local Leaf-Blower Opponent and Industry Spokesman
A letter from Salem Attorney Jeanne Kempthorne  advocating regulation of Leaf Blowers was published in the Gloucester Times on Tuesday August 27, 2013
   A detailed response was almost immediately forthcom- ing by personal email to Ms Kempthorne from Larry Will - former VP Engineering, Echo, Inc - and now leading industry spokesman.
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A collaborative effort of some Swampscott, Marblehead, Salem and Nahant residents to provide a Forum in which an issue of concern to many in the four communities - and in hundreds of other towns and cities across the country - can be addressed and discussed. 

Already an active place, as many are now using the site to become better aware of, and informed on, the issues involved, content is steadily being added.  You are encourage to visit often and to provide your input!

As evidence of the serious, adverse health effects of Leaf Blower usage becoming even more compelling, if you're

  • EITHER already concerned and know that you want to do something about this
  • OR want to become better informed on the issues involved and to find out what you can do both personally and as a citizen
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We would also ask that you help put out the word to your friends, neighbors and colleagues.  This site provides one of our best resources to keep you updated and to let you know how you can help.  This is one of those important occasions when a well-informed public working together can make a difference!

Reviewing the data:
Though it most certainly is not casual, light reading, for those who are interested in being better informed on a fairly technical level, a 70 page publication put out in December 2012 by the US Environmental Protection Agency might be useful.  The document reviews several of the recent studies of the Health Effects of Particulate Matter Exposure which - with noise - are the critical factors involved in tackling indiscriminate use of Leaf Blowers. Download copy of this document.


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Emissions Test results video:
     Car vs Truck vs Leaf Blower

Prepared by
In business since 1966, based in Santa Monica, CA with facilities also in Detroit,, Inc. is a highly reputable source for all things automotive related.  The firm’s website educate automotive consumers, enthusiasts, and industry insiders by

providing a range of data on new cars, used cars, new and used car inventory
offering tips and advice on buying. selling and/or leasing a car; car safety and driving tips; auto financing, insurance and warranties
and examining fuel economy. green cars, car technology,

When a trusted source like this uses its accepted as highly effective test systems to examine other types of engines, it may be well worth hearing about their findings and taking note of what they have to say.

Narrated by actor Peter Graves - an energetic foe of Leaf Blowers - this four-minute video depicts fugitive dust created by blower use.
   The data referenced are the facts cited by Orange County Grand Jury Report as well as the findings of studies conducted earlier.


Seaside CALM is following in the footsteps of now hundreds of communities across the country who have been organizing to tackle together the indiscriminate use of Leaf Blowers in their neighborhood.  What they have been doing - and with what sort of outcomes - is being examined here on the site and will continue in our communities.

In the meantime, we are encouraging our friends and neighbors to reduce their use of these machines by choosing instead

  • to rake or sweep when they are working in their own yards
  • and to ask the quality lawn service firms they may be using to do the same.  

Each of us can also encourage our schools, work places, business community and shopping area, and any organizations in which we are involved also to consider a reduction in their use of LeafBlowers.

We are fortunate to live in a very nice place and, as the better weather is now upon us, we want to reclaim the enjoyment of that good fortune in our back yards and in the open-access areas we all share.  We want to be able again to enjoy walks, runs or bike rides along the streets of our town without being blasted, deafened, and asphyxiated as we pass by the multitudes of leafblowers.

There are serious Health Issues at stake here that demand our attention

  • the adverse impact of exposure to high decibels noise
  • and the short- and long-term consequences of our all regularly breathing in highly toxic Particulate Matter

Become informed and make your decision on what is right for you based on what you learn.